Exhibited Thoughts of Architecture


  • Anna Rosellini Università di Bologna; ENSA Paris-Est, Université Gustave Eiffel




Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Curatorship, Exhibition, Valorization, Enhancement


In recent decades, architecture exhibitions have become the subject of a specific study, as corroborated by the international diffusion of conferences and publications dedicated to this theme. Several essays discuss the relationship between architecture on display and publics, and the need to adapt the specific language of the discipline to support processes of presentation of architecture in its innumerable declinations. The essay originates from these inquiries, with the aim to stimulate wide-ranging reflections on the importance of architecture exhibitions in the general historical-artistic and social framework, allowing us to identify some possible forms that architecture display has taken over time, as well as to frame the architecture exhibition as a relevant event in the definition of possible architectural histories, and to interpret it as a tool capable of disseminating design practice and research. 




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Rosellini, A. (2024). Exhibited Thoughts of Architecture. Museum, Materials and Discussions. Journal of Museum Studies, 1(1), 11–21. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.3034-9699/19296